Our Industry Relationships

We are Edmonton’s Premier Engineering Company, focused on Forensic and Design Engineering, providing services in Canada, the United States, and Worldwide.

Over a period of more than four decades, we have progressively established ourselves within the Oil & Gas sector. Today, the Company is the premier forensic engineering specialists, to the drilling industry throughout North America. As oil and gas exploration is dominated by a few global players, these clients have in turn facilitated our expansion, such that we now serve a global market.

To meet the demanding needs of our client companies, we have developed specialized skills to expedite our work in harsh environments, while taking optimal advantage of local resources and infrastructure, to better manage costs. When a drilling company suffers a rig accident anywhere in the world, our standing and demonstrated skills have made us the fast response engineering firm of choice. Additionally, as operating standards for drilling equipment in Canada are the highest in the world, progressive drilling companies engage us to help them bring their international rig equipment up to Canadian standards.  Our clients know that a drilling rig maintained to Canadian standards can operate in any environment, no matter how difficult.

These standards, combined with our decades of forensic experience, have in turn allowed us to expand the scale of our operations to other industries, characterized by time-sensitive demanding conditions. For example, major insurance companies world-wide, seek our expertise in the direction, re-construction and analysis of industrial accident investigations. Today, virtually no company in North America is as tightly connected to forensic services in the oil and gas sector as Allan R. Nelson Engineering (1997) Inc.