Our Engineers

We are Edmonton’s Premier Engineering Company, focused on Forensic and Design Engineering, providing services in Canada, the United States, and Worldwide.

Allan R. Nelson, P.Eng – Principle Engineer

A photograph of Allan Nelson, the company founder
Allan R. Nelson

Allan is founded the company in 1966, and he died October 30, 2020. He has provided engineering services to the oil patch for more than fifty (50) years. He has extensive knowledge/expertise into all facets of rig design as well as mobile equipment and downhole tools. Allan developed a top drive package for drilling industry and holds number of patents for mechanical equipment. His expertise includes forensic investigations, machinery, failure analysis, equipment assessments.

Tommy Chan, P. Eng., PMP, CFEI – Engineering Manager 
Tommy Chan, P. Eng.

Tommy has 10+ years of professional experience in the industry.  He has experience with drilling rig fabrication and management, quality assurance and safety when he worked as project manager at Hyduke Drilling Solutions. He is experienced with field inspection and equipment certification from his previous position at T&T Inspections and Engineering.  He is a Transport Canada registered design engineer and had experience with designing and fabrication of B620 tanks. He is a NAFI Certified Fire and Explosions Investigator.  Tommy’s experience includes forensic investigations and insurance/adjusting reports.

Ling Zhu, P. Eng – Mechanical Engineer

A photograph of our engineer Ling Zhu
Ling Zhu

Ling has 25+ years of professional experience in the industry.  She was previously employed at Hyduke Energy Services and specializes in rig and Transport Canada tank design.  Her engineering expertise includes both structural and mechanical FEA analysis of service rigs, rig moving systems and rig upgrades. She is a Transport Canada registered design engineer.