Rig Certification

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Drilling Rigs and lifting devices need to be recertified on a regular basis and after any accident that may have an impact on the structural integrity of the unit. Our engineers have experience with inspection and certification of rigs and lifting equipment, and also with field repairs and shop repairs when equipment has been damaged. Our engineers have traveled the world to assist drilling companies with design and implementation of field repairs to damaged drilling equipment to allow the rig to be certified to return to work. Where necessary we can design the repairs using locally available resources.

We understand the imperative to get the equipment back to work, even if it means temporarily down rating the equipment. Our engineers can perform the necessary calculations to establish a safe working rating until more permanent repairs can be made.


We sent an engineer to Brazil for a client. The rig had been damaged in a rollover during transit between holes. Due to long lead time for material delivery from outside the country local materials had to be used. Our engineer traveled to a scrap yard with a metallurgical inspector. They found various pieces of steel of different qualities in the scrap yard. A repair procedure was developed using the available materials. The rig was repaired, inspected and recertified for work at its original rated capacity.