Design Engineering

Allan R. Nelson Engineering offers a broad range of specialized mechanical design engineering services. Whether the job requires a new mechanical design, or a modification to existing equipment, our customers receive innovative and cost-effective mechanical design engineering solutions.

We provide design engineering solutions for:

Bullet Drill and service rig masts and substructures
Bullet Mast and substructure modifications and load ratings
Bullet Vertical and slant hole flushby rigs
Bullet New machinery for various industries
Bullet Lifting frames and systems
Bullet Existing equipment modifications
Bullet Pumping systems
Bullet Overhead Equipment

Our mechanical design engineering department uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to understand the physical effects on mechanical component designs, systems and structures. The application of these advanced modeling techniques to mechanical design engineering provides visual representation of complex data to provide clients with optimal designs.

Main Cylinder Assembly

Design of a 3-stage hydraulic cylinder

Trunion Stress Analysis

Design of a trunnion for a hydraulic cylinder

Sucker Rod Elevator

Design of a sucker rod elevator


Design and analysis of a piston for a compressor

FEA is a significant tool used in our engineering analysis. It allows us to perform stress analysis, including dynamic analysis of vibration, shock or fatigue. By using FEA to review a design it is possible to identify problems that may occur while the part is in service, without having to experience a failure in the field.

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