Legal Industry

Our services for the legal industry set the industry standard, and win cases for our legal partners. We have been the determining factor in settlements prior to court, as well as providing the expert witness testimony that determined successful judgements.

Expert Witness Testimony

Bullet Drilling and service equipment
Bullet Treater and dehydrator plants
Bullet Oilsands plants and refineries
Bullet Mining process and equipment
Bullet Compressor stations
Bullet Industrial process equipment
Bullet Forestry equipment
Bullet Farming equipment

Patent Investigations

Bullet Construction
Bullet Oil and Gas
Bullet Forestry
Bullet Mining and mineral processing
Bullet Vehicle safety systems
Bullet Highway trailers
Bullet Industrial Equipment

Failure Analysis

Bullet Drill and service rig equipment
Bullet Rotating equipment and vibration problems
Bullet Machinery for the mining, construction, forestry and petroleum industries
Bullet Original equipment manufacturers
Bullet Pumping systems
Bullet Recurring equipment problems

Fire Investigations:

Bullet Origin and cause
Bullet Fire path reconstruction
Bullet Industrial fire investigations
Bullet Vehicle fires
Bullet Commercial fires
Bullet Residential fires