What to do about an Occupational Health and Safety Work Stoppage

OH&S Work Stoppage

There is nothing more concerning for a company than an injury at the workplace. And the damage for a business doesn’t just stop there. Often, an injury or incident will result in an Occupational Health and Safety ordered work stoppage. After all, a workplace that has been proven unsafe cannot continue to function.

That’s where we come in. The most important goal with a workplace stoppage is to ensure the safety of staff and get the company up and running as soon as possible. Our engineers can determine exactly what went wrong, and work with you to get the appropriate safety measures in place, and work with OH&S to get you running again as fast as possible.

For example, a customer of ours had an onsite injury. They were shut down by OH&S until they could ensure the safety of their staff.

Allan R. Nelson Engineering went in and added guards around rotating equipment, labels warning about pinch points, and clarified identification on machine controls. We provided certifications for the updated equipment, and worked to meet the requirements of OH&S to get the work stoppage order lifted.

With some timely action, Allan R. Nelson Engineering made a workplace safe and got it back to work all in record time.

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