This is Nordic Calista Rig 4

This is Nordic Calista Rig 4

We assisted the client to design the modular shop complex as seen below the rig.  The complex contains offices, change rooms, a kitchen, washrooms, storage, and a work shop area for the workers on the rig to use as they go about their day. The work shop has sufficient room to park a Caterpillar Front End Loader!

The unit is fully transportable. The building complex is shipped in separate modules when it requires movement.  It was assembled in Alaska for its current deployment. Nordic Calista Rig 4 is now working at ENI petroleum OPP pad on the beach of the Beaufort Sea. For smaller moves, the building complex can be skidded on the lease as one unit.

This kind of design project really demonstrates what innovative engineering can do for you. This compartmentalized unit is easy to move around and provides a full suite of rooms for the rig team to use. The workroom is large enough to park a Caterpillar Front End Loader inside. Our modular shop complex really made this rig able to function as a full office for the employees who run it, which is essential out in the wilds of Alaska.

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Nordic Calista Rig #4 at sea Nordic Calista Rig #4 Nordic Calista Rig #4 being loaded onto a boat

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