Rainforest Edmonton

Rainforest Edmonton

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We were happy to attend the latest Rainforest event in Edmonton. If you’re not familiar with this group, i encourage you to check them out. They are trying to create an ecosystem that encourages innovation right here in Edmonton. We are strong supporters of that; a lot of the work we have done over the years has been helping businesses with innovative designs and new machinery products to take to market. We would love to see Edmonton become a hub of innovation, of manufacturing, and of prototype development.

The rainforest concept is from a book about Silicon Valley called, unsurprisingly, the Rainforest, by Victor Hwang and Greg Horowitt. They postulate that an innovation ecosystem is created by social networks that are diverse and interconnected, allowing all the right people too come together and truly creative thought to occur.

Maybe we’ll see you at the next Rainforest event? It’s a great way to network with some of the most interesting business people in Edmonton.

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