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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Today is international women’s day.  These are the women in our office, and we’re happy to celebrate them.

Women only make up 13% of practicing engineers in Canada. That’s something we’d like to see change. Encouraging women to get into engineering and other STEM fields is an important goal that our society  needs to pursue, and it’s not just a question of making more grants available or the entry process easier for women. We need to change the way that we as a society think about women.  It feels like most people now believe that women are capable of doing these kinds of jobs. Where there is still progress to be made is in work life balance, and believing that having children and a home is not an impediment to a full time career in a difficult field. This kind of advancement won’t just help women; everyone will benefit from better work life balance in our society. However, due to the historical role of women in the home helping women achieve work life balance is probably the easiest way we can step towards equality for our society as a whole.

We at ARN are firm believers in work life balance. We’re a family business, and we know what family means. We know the value of women in engineering, having women in our engineering team has been a constant for us.

So thank you, today, to those women who were amongst the 13%. Those women that fought against the odds to make it in a male dominated industry. Change does not happen through the large actions of one, but through a thousand tiny steps. Let’s continue to work together to make sure that those everyday actions towards equality continue.

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