Fiberglass Pipeline Failure

Fiberglass Pipeline Failure

We were approached by one of our insurance clients to investigate the failure of a fiberglass pipeline. We initially suggested they contact someone else, as we did not have the expertise in the material, and someone who did would cost our client less. However, they contacted us again. No one they could find had the expertise. So we agreed to do the work to answer their questions. We had to research the fiberglass pipeline, operation, maintenance and expectation prior to making a final determination on the failure.

PipelineOur client had purchased the pipe already installed, and so did not pick the material. If they had been able to pick, this would not have been the material they would have used! The pipe was too flexible, and lacked the proper layering. Moreover, the external liner was insufficient for the rocky ground into which the pipe was placed.

With our help, the company was able to understand what had gone wrong and anticipate future failures on the same line. The insurance company was able to correctly ascertain the cause of failure, and through that, the responsible parties.

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