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Heavy Trucking Incidents – Are they Federally or Provincially Mandated?

Heavy trucking is highly regulated. Whether a truck is under federal or provincial jurisdiction can have a great deal of impact upon the regulations which it is required to follow. In the case of an incident, which jurisdiction the company is under can have significant ramifications for the trucking company or for the insurance company […]

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Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a method of predicting reactions to forces. It is a way of nondestructive testing or forensic testing, depending on the circumstances. FEA works by breaking down the object into smaller elements, thousands, or hundreds of thousands for larger sized objects. Then it applies a huge amount of processing power to […]

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The Physics of Transport Vehicle Accidents

The physics of a vehicular accident vary greatly based upon the vehicles involved. When two normal passenger vehicles are involved, the physics, while not simple, are well understood, and there is specific software used to run analysis. However, once the vehicles exceed those parameters, with size, load, and design requirements, the physics can become much […]

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What to do about an Occupational Health and Safety Work Stoppage

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There is nothing more concerning for a company than an injury at the workplace. And the damage for a business doesn’t just stop there. Often, an injury or incident will result in an Occupational Health and Safety ordered work stoppage. After all, a workplace that has been proven unsafe cannot continue to function. That’s where […]

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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a very useful engineering simulation that allows us to evaluate gas or liquid behavior and how it interacts with the objects around it. Design of flow systems not only need to meet industry standards and safety regulations; we can take it one step further to predict the lifespan of equipment, […]

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