Category: Design

Jomax Rig #9 Walking System

We invite you to check out our recent walking system, installed on Jomax Rig #9. The Allan R. Nelson Engineering integrated beam technology drilling rig walking system has a designed walking capacity of 2.4 million pounds. At maximum capacity the ground pressure is a low 60 psi. This system is smooth, and able to move […]

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Precision Rig 548 Modification

Our engineer Nikhil Nayyar recently returned from Pennsylvania, where he successfully inspected and certified Precision drilling Rig 548’s new setback capacity modification. PD rig 548 was modified to increase setback capacity from 500Kips to 550Kips. The rig was drilling at Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. The modifications were performed on the racking board, substructure setback and pony […]

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