Automated Pipe Handling System

Automated Pipe Handling System

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Check out ARN's(2)This is an Automated Pipe Handling System designed by Allan R. Nelson Engineering. The system utilizes a pipe arm to bring drilling pipes from catwalk to drill floor; this eliminates the need for workers standing on rig floor during operation, improving safety and efficiency.

When paired with an integrated with a PLC system, the pipe arm operation makes operation more user friendly and optimizes production.

Pipe arms can be designed to handle multiple pipe sizes and weights. This one carries up to 5,000lbs. However, we have designed pipe arm with up to 8,000lbs capacity.

During transportation, the pipe arm can be flipped onto the substructure and be transported as one load, reducing the risk of transport as well as increasing transport efficiency.

Pipe arms are a proven design working in Canada and US. Do you have one working for you? Give us a call and find out what a pipe arm can do for your operation.

Here is the video of the pipe arm in action.


This is the Solidworks Loading Isometric,

And this is the Solidworks Pipe Arm Transport Isometric

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